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This book is the result of more than 45 years research and experience in helping farmers understand soil balance and how to develop it to a point where only minimum maintenance is required to achieve the best possible pasture and crop results.


Though thoroughly grounded in solid science, the book is written in a style which is easy for all those interested in understanding and improving soil, including farmers, agronomists, and students of agriculture.


The book is divided into three Parts.  

Part 1: Basic Principles of Soil Science, provides the reader with the necessary  information about Soil Physics, Soil Nutrients, and Soil Microbiology. This Part includes many Tables, Diagrams and Photos for aiding understanding and for quick future reference.


Part 2: The Mikhail Soil Balance System, explains how soil functions as a living system comprised of physical, chemical and biological aspects which each need to be properly cared for in order for the system to work at its optimal level.


Part 3: Reading Soil Test Reports. Because soil and plant testing is essential for knowing how the system is functioning, this section explains what needs to be tested, how to take samples, and how to understand test results so that the most appropriate action can be taken.


Finally, this book contains a useful Index, a Glossary of Terms, and Appendices with many valuable Conversion Tables, and answers to the most common questions regarding the application of the Mikhail System.


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Edward H. (Ted) Mikhail


Edward Hanna (Ted) Mikhail (MSc., BSc. Agric., Dip. Land Recl. Improv.,

Dip. Agric. Ext., MAIAST, MRACI, DG) began his career as an agronomist in Egypt in 1959, working first in animal husbandry and then in soil improvement.


Ted attained his first degree in agriculture at Cairo University (1959) followed by a post-graduate diploma in soil science from the University of Alexandria (1966) to study under several of the most eminent soil scientists in the world.


Upon coming to Australia in 1967, he began research on improving irrigation methods with the Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission. He then moved to the State Chemistry Laboratory as a research scientist focusing on the relationship between the chemical and physical properties of soils throughout Victoria.


During this time, Ted furthered his studies at the University of Melbourne with a Diploma of Agriculture Extension (1975) and a Masters of Agriculture – Soil Chemistry and Physics (1979). During this time, he authored and co-authored more than 60 bulletins, research papers and reports.


In 1980 Ted established SWEP Analytical Laboratories to better serve the agricultural community by applying his principles in soil-plant-animal-human relationships to achieve the highest quality in life.

The Mikhail System Book is available in PDF format for immediate download, and as a hardcover printed book.


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Printed Book - $88 inc gst

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